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Contrary to popular belief, accountants and bookkeepers perform distinctly different tasks for the businesses they serve. Bookkeepers are responsible for on-going maintenance of their clients’ general ledgers. A bookkeeper’s common responsibilities consist of:

  • Compiling data on a daily basis

  • Categorizing expenses in the general ledger

  • Reviewing the general ledger for accuracy

  • Reconciling bank statements against the general ledger

  • Generating financial statements

Accountants use the accurate and up-to-date general ledger maintained by the bookkeeper to provide advisory services, such as:

  • Analyzing the company’s financial data

  • Preparing income tax returns

  • Providing tax planning advice

We serve Small to Mid-size businesses of multiple industries

  • Accounts Payable / Receivable
  • Reconciliation / collections
  • Financial Statement
  • Forecasting / Budgeting
  • Reporting / Year End
  • Auditing
  • Tax planning

SFB serves small and medium-sized businesses of all kinds, but we are best known for our expertise in these four industries:

  • Professional services – Real estate agents, insurance agents, financial advisors and more

  • Home service contractors – HVAC technicians, plumbers, electricians, painters and more

  • Health and wellness – Gyms, salons, spas, dentists and more

  • Restaurants – Bars & Restaurants of all classes

Change to-SFB offers flat monthly fees with 3 package choices, & the choice of additional add on services

All SFB Bookkeepers & Tax advisors are US based Certified QuickBooks Pro-advisors, each with unique specialties which cover an array of different industries. Some also hold advanced certifications.

SFB supports all version of QuickBooks online & QuickBooks Pro & Premier Desktop products

SFB specializes in accounting and bookkeeping services for multi-unit businesses including franchises. We can manage the books for each individual location and provide insight into your business’s overall financial performance through advanced reporting

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